Farapokht company profile

Farapokht Co. is one of the special pioneers in the field of consulting, designing, equipping, installing and operating, as well as utilizingcommercial kitchens. This company, using scientific and technical principles, efficient and calculated solutions, and by providing comprehensive economic plans and having an experienced team at all levels and using technical knowledge with the presence of experts, is trying to take an effective step in offering a different definition forthe health and nutrition field.

Farapokht holding complex:

1- Farapokht Company
2- Technical Office for consulting, designing and selling kitchen equipment
3- Office of Commerce and Sales of Raw Materials
4. Toos Industrial Unit

Farapokht Company:

The company started its work by serving the pilgrims of the Beit Allah al-Haram and the Masjid an-Nabawi in 1975. The high cookingscale and experience in controlling the critical factors of cookinghas led to a significant growth of the Farapokht team, and this growth has enabled the team to gain a successful recordin cooperation with the above-mentioned companies from 1988 to 1992 and the education of Khorasan province since 1988. On the other hand, it has been able to simultaneously extend its existing projects in the field of restaurant and hall simultaneously to several branches and restaurants in the holy city of Mashhad from 1988until present. Meanwhile, considering the sacred and royal sanctuary of Seyyed al-Shohada, the collection focused on serving the pilgrims of Aba Abdullah al-Hussein in Karbala and Najaf in the recent 20 years. The blessing of this 45 years ofservice has led to more knowledge in the field of cooking for the company, due to the acquisition of modern technologies.

Toos industrial unit

Based on the experience and services delivered to the pilgrims of Beit Allah al-Haram in Mecca, Madinah and Atabat Al-Aliyat, aiming at standardizing the field of nutrition, the company has established the first and largest food production plant in the country with a capacity to cook 25,000 meals per serving using the most modern fully automated industrial machines, and utilizing qualified and skilled specialists in the field of cooking using high quality raw materials, under special health conditions and uniformcooking, has reached the desired quality and specified quantity.

The best foods are packaged and presented in the Toos industrial unit with the best quality and using best practices in the world. This collection has always required itself to offer products with a variety in menu items, high quality and reasonable prices, which has led to the satisfaction of the customers.

It is a pleasure to introduce a sample list of our customers in addition to serving the well-known personnel of the government, factories, pilgrims and admirers. ✓ Raja Railways Company
✓ Central Office of Khorasan Gas Company
✓ Khorasan Electric Power Company
✓ Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation
✓ Astan Quds Razavi Deputy Assistant for Needy People Affairs
✓ Islamic Azad University of Mashhad and Golbahar Branch
✓ Astan Quds Razavi Headquarters
✓ Toklan Toos Factory
✓ Zomorrod Carpet Factory
✓ Negin Carpet Factory
✓ Shaheed Beheshti Teacher Training Complex
✓ Mazrae Bread Factory
✓ Aseman Airlines
✓ Jame’e Clothing Factory
✓ Khodro Shargh Electric
✓ Mashad Wheel Mfg Co. (MWM)
✓ Pegah Distribution Office
✓ Samen Pharmaceuticals Astan Quds Razavi
✓ Province Power Distribution Company
✓Mashhad Mall project companies (Arman Abineh Saee, Akam Fartak Qarn, Arian Behkar Ghomes, Ara Pars Kish)
✓Sepah Retirement Center
✓Ghorab tomato paste
✓Imen Khodro Shargh
✓Toklan Toos
✓Tima Tile Factory
✓Firoozeh tile Factory
✓Waste Management Organization (MAP)
✓Sami Saz
✓Samen Alaeme Campground
✓Shahid Hasheminejad Municipality
✓Shahid Taleghani Hospital
✓Association of kidney patients

Up-to-date technology, automated production process, food waste prevention, energy efficiency, human resource management, continuous quality monitoring process, order and diligence of managers and employees, environmental and social requirements and access to the highest methods of professional health enable us to provide a different way in the design of industrial food production units.

Farapokht Technical Advice Bureau contracts:

1- Consultation and design of the project of25,000 mealsin a serving at Najaf al-Ashraf kitchen - in operation
2- Consultation and design of the 5000 mealsMoheb-e-Mehr project- end of brickwork operation
3. Consultation and design of the great project of Imam Khomeini Shrine - inoperation
4-Mashhad Sales Counters–under study

With the construction, commissioning and operation of the Toos industrial unit, the Farapokht Technical Advisory Bureau was founded. From the capabilities of the consulting office, we can mention the executive sample utilization and the thought of the mechanized industrial complex. Along with the growth and excellence and cooking knowledge, a step further than today, we have been able to identify the designs of the mechanized industrial units of the industrial production processes - the definition and organizational design of an industrial cooking unit, obtaining the engineering knowledge based on the guideline for uniformcooking and increasing health quality along with preserving the nutritional values and eliminating harmful agents, to also be a pioneer in design, construction, commissioning and training and operation. Other achievements of the Farapokht technical consultancy office, while obtaining authorized dealers from successful European, Turkish and Iranianbrands, has been able to provide custom manufacture of all industrial devices by increasing the efficiency of some equipment.